Friday, May 16, 2008

a peek

a preview of my on-comin uniform..haha:-P

Thursday, May 15, 2008

trY guessin???

Ladies and Gentlemen...You already know what it is..Ok, Yea, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit.. Im tryin to run in this mutherfcka..Im tryin to anyways got two hard lookin mutherfckers..I was tryin to enjoy ma night but you then came here..Turned around looked mighty happy bfore you came here i then turn into a rude dude..Why you had to fuck up the night now we got to fight i gotta knock out ya lights..You aint doin nuthing but runnin ya yapp yapp..You got to go get a couple homeboy i am strapped........

Yea, damm, You think you cool, you think im not you think you tough..Damm, you think you hard, you think im soft, you think you rough..Damm,You talkin shit, betta close your lips, you need to hush..Before the end of the night i'm gonna have to take your ass to church!!

You aint doin nuthing but runnin your pie hole..You gon' make me do somethin thatta get eye swolln'..I dont wanna be a rude dude man!!..Im like those niggas think they hard, so why they think im not..Until i put it hard and i show them what i got kinda like [gun shot]!!

hahaha...hav fun guessin!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


well..wad can i say..i'm BACK!!!lol..juz 4 period of time..anyway everyone has started college except 4 those hu is involved in ns n didn't knoe wad 2 do..well,wad can i makes everyone busy n doesn't hav time 2 hang out wid frenz anymore so those hu have not enrol in colleges..piece of advice>>enjoy ur every minute of ur life b4 goin 2 college<

i didnt regret takin up aircraft engineering course in nilai uni coll eventhough i'm from arts..itz quite challenging 4 me so i'm up 2 it 2 prove everyone wrong dat art students can cope up wid science subs as well but in order 2 succeed u must hav the interest 2 do so..without the interest..itz useless takin up the i heard from engineering course is the toughest among all engineering..dats wad i hate 2 shud be moderate instead of shitty..anyway speeding away from the borin part..comes the fun part of me livin in campus.

ha!!!we had tiz orientation programme goin on for march intakes which i'm included as well..2 be honest..itz kinda fun actually 4 the whole orientation week..loads of sports activites which i lurved were organized..damnn..den there's tiz last programme themed casino royale where we gotta dance n act in groups based on the 007 movie..SHOCKED atmosphere surrounded us as we were told dat it will be a big event 4 da college on dat very day..2 summarize it..these r the few videos n pics i've recorded n took throughout the event:-

oo..yea btw the videos r kinda blurry due 2 camera defects n sum of them r kinda short cuz

itz a 512 memory card inserted inside....

errr...due 2 connection problems..i guess i'll upload the videos in near future..

btw peepz..lets say u've got a private photo 4 ur own viewing pleasure..later on sum1 juz took it without ur permission n post it 2 the public 4 laughing pleasure n makin u look lik sum idiot laughing mascot 2 attract attention..would u guys lik it??plz leave sum comments bout tiz..thnk u!!!!i would lurve 2 knoe if u're dat person bein the laughing material..would u juz let it be or do sumthin bout it n called a pussy 4 not daring 2 show the photo in public..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

teng ta ra teng teng teng teng..welcome peepzzz..

pepo oo people dat juz cant enugh of he comes entering the doom city savin danzel in distress waitin 2 be saved by him..puff(shades off..jacket floating side ways)walkin in a long strech tunnel where humans face mutated in2 all kind of things such as hippos,lizards,dogs n much more n the worst of all..the leader bhind all tiz so called pro mindo..pause!!!1(actually his name is ming ooi but he called himself pro..kononnyer creative..cehh!!tiada imaginasi langsung..create a name doesnt sound the same la noob!!)continue--as he was walkin in suddenly..shockingly his sidekick "kiki mustang" appeared b4 his eyes n wanted 2 giv a helping hand..(onli helps when the foe is weak as a lame duck)n so xando agreed wid his help..on the way..bla bla bla bla bla bla anyway wanna stop all the crap shitt here la..gettin very sleepy d..sorry my squadrons..juz wanna make a nice intro..haha..well..WELCOME GUYS!!..juz wanna kill sum of the time i've got at home..enjoy the bodo blog!!nitezzz